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Chacha Distillation

Chacha or a Georgian pomace brandy is a clear and robust drink made from the grape. It is commonly produced by professional distillers and most wineries who include it in their product range. Many Georgians claim Chacha has medicinal properties and is suggested as a remedy for some ailments, including ear blockages and indigestion.


The tradition of distilling Chacha is as follows: Chacha is kept in Qvevri for the whole winter and only in early spring do they start preparing for distilling. When Chacha is ready to be distilled, they take it out of Qvevri and start distilling in a big copper pan, covering it with a special lid, plastering with ground and ash mixture and then fitting it to the trough. Then, they plaster the junction of handle and pipe with corn flour, tie it with a piece of cloth, burn wood under the pan and start distilling.


Distilling Chacha is a sort of holiday in Kakheti and neighbors distill their Chacha together in one distillery. In villages distilling can turn into a celebration Zaotoba with the families joining together and using a proper distillery, having a feast lasting as long as there is Chacha distilled.