Natural Wines
natural wines
Natural (Raw)

Natural wines have become increasingly popular in the last few years all over the world. Natural wine is farmed organically without adding or removing anything in the cellar.

Organic winemakers preserve the existing ecosystem of the vineyard and protect the biodiversity of plants and soil. It is permissible to use only biological or contact chemicals used by the international bio or biodynamic viticulture societies.

The use of any systemic pesticide, any herbicide and mineral fertilizers is prohibited.

No chemical, biological or physical interference is allowed during the winemaking process, which may alter the natural properties of the wine.

ღVINO's Natural Wines
natural wines

Along with maintaining the traditional Georgian method of Winemaking, the production of Natural Wine is the most crucial issue for us. Grapes are grown in Artana Wines Vineyards without pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. We are focused on creating a Natural environment. Between the rows of Vineyards are sown plants that protect the soil from erosion and supply it with non-synthetic nitrogen. These plants attract beneficial insects that destroy parasites. The Natural process of Vineyard care helps to get an abundant harvest and get the highest quality Grapes, which then affects the taste of the Wine.

However, in the production of Natural Wine, attention is paid not only to the preservation of the Natural environment of the Vineyard but also to the proper conduct of the production process.

The Qvevri is an ideal vessel for making wine Naturally, as it requires minimal interference. The Grapes are crushed into the Qvevri. All skins must stay in Qvevri during the fermentation process which takes 2-3 weeks. After completion of fermentation, Qvevri is sealed and remains intact till winter until its moved into another Qvevri. After that, it is sealed again and rested until spring. Then its moved once again and after that it is sealed for one year and remains in Qvevri for ageing.

We forbid the use of chemicals in the grape crushing and storage area. We do not use any chemical additives in ღVINO making process. All the Wines in our cellar go through the ageing process for two years before being sold, which is very important for Natural Wine.